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Laundry Services & Linen Hire in Stevenage

Here at Queen’s Drive Laundry, we provide the highest quality laundry and linen hire services in Stevenage and to customers in the nearby local areas. We are always happy to cater for both domestic and commercial customers, and we will return your laundry to you perfectly clean and freshly pressed, ready for you to use. In addition to our laundry services, we also offer competitively priced linen hire for special events so you are no need to go to the expense of purchasing new linen for a one off occasion – just hire some from us!

Got a question? Our dedicated team are here to cater for all of your laundry needs. Whether you require a one-off laundry service or a regular service contract with us, you will always receive the same high-quality service and professionalism at cost effective prices. We offer both local and nationwide laundry services, catering for all of your needs and requirements.

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  • We supply all types of linen to restaurants, from table linen to chef whites and much more
  • We stock a large variety of styles & colours to choose from
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  • We supply many types of linen to hotels, from bed linen to bathroom supplies and much more
  • The highest quality service to ensure your visitors are comfortable
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Care Homes
  • We can provide any type of linen that you may need be that bed linen to kitchen supplies
  • Emergency service available if you need something dry cleaned fast
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We also provide tailored services for many other industries. Please get in touch to find out more.

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  • Delivery & Collection Service
  • Professional Laundry Service
  • Same Day Service When Possible
  • Friendly & Reliable Service
  • Emergency Laundry Service
  • Contract Work Welcome
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Laundry Service

Quick and affordable our laundry services allow quick turnaround times at cost effective prices. Your laundry will always come back to you beautifully folded and ironed. From dirty, crumpled laundry to ready to use linen in the blink of an eye, here at Queen’s Drive Laundry we cater for all of your laundry needs. Whether your business is a care home, gym, hotel, restaurant or spa – We cover all business types.

You can also drop by our laundrette, which is located in Bedford, and our friendly team can carry out a service wash for you, or alternatively, you can use our self-service washing and drying coin operated machines. If you need any help then our staff are always on hand to help.

An image showing white hotel laundry folded on a bed with a stem of white flowers placed on top

Hotel Laundry

Outsourcing laundry is a practice that hotels are increasingly adopting throughout the UK. Let us deal with all of your guests’ linen every day and sort out any additional laundry requirements too. We can collect laundry from you in the afternoon when the beds have just been changed and return it to you clean and ironed the next day, ready for use (or whichever day you schedule with us).

We cater for hotels and B&Bs of all sizes, as well as for establishments such as spas, holiday parks, gyms and care homes. Streamline your business operations by partnering up with us.

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An image of a folded pile of white linen being used for hotel bedding

Restaurant Laundry

Clean, smooth tablecloths and real cloth napkins are essential to any top quality restaurant or bar. In addition, cloth roller towels, or a stack hand towels in restaurant bathrooms provides both a welcoming touch and an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable paper towels.

Our restaurant laundry service is extremely efficient and professional. Simply schedule an appointment and we will pick up your linen, clean and iron it, and we will return it to you on the scheduled day. Alternatively use our emergency laundry service if you need a quick turnaround.

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Table set for dinner with white linen hired from Queens Drive Laundry

Care Homes Laundry

Clean, fresh linen is crucial for making a care home into a welcoming environment. We take the stress out of the laundry, no matter how large your care home is. Schedule pick up and drop off times with us and we will collect your laundry and then return it to you whenever you need it.

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An image of Care Homes Linen Hire used on a bed being sat on by an elderly person and her carer.

Serviced Apartments Laundry

Queen’s Drive Laundry are always happy to partner with serviced apartments. Outsource your laundry service to save time and hassle. We will save you the trouble of transporting dirty laundry, as we can come to your door and pick up the items to be washed before cleaning and ironing them and folding them ready to be returned.

Schedule the pick up and drop off times to suit yourself, and rest assured that we wash each item individually to keep it in pristine condition.

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Bed with white bedding and bed sheets

Emergency Laundry Services

Had an emergency? In need of a quick turnaround on your laundry? That is no problem. Just schedule one of our emergency laundry slots and we will prioritise your order. We can even come to your door to pick up the item(s) to be laundered, before returning them to you the following day.

We fold and package all items to the highest standard. Many hotels and other businesses use this service when their on site laundries break down and they need fresh bed linen and table linen for the following day.

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Local & nationwide emergency laundry services

Purchase Linen

Queen’s Drive Laundry provides top quality linen of all varieties of hotels, restaurants, spas, care homes and other establishments. From pillow cases to table cloths, towels, bath mats and kitchen wear, we will have just what you need.

With plenty of colours and sizes in stock, there is something to suit all tastes and budgets. Once you have placed an order with us, we will be delighted to deliver it to your door.

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Folded Luxury Bath and Hand Towels

Ever since we were established back in 1998, Queen’s Drive Laundry has been dedicated to providing excellent quality laundry services. From the moment that we arrive to collect your soiled laundry to the moment that we return it to your door, expertly cleaned and folded and carefully packaged, we put your needs as a customer first. A family run business, we work in partnership with numerous businesses in the local area including spas, hotels and restaurants, as well as serviced apartments, care homes and private clients. Could you be our next client?

An image of Colin Bown, the Managing Director of Queens Drive Laundry. Colin Bown Managing Director

Care Homes If you require fully covid compliant laundry services please click here to find out more.