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Nurses with Scrub Bags

Helping Frontline Workers

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At Queens Drive Laundry, we understand the difficulty and sadness many people and industries are facing during the COVID-19 crisis. Being in the laundry industry, we feel that it’s only right that we do our very best to help as many people as possible with our linen and laundry services. For this reason, we have stepped up to the plate and are doing our very best to support as many people as possible.

ScrubsNurses with Scrub BagsBedford Seamstress Making Scrubs

Frontline Workers

We feel very privileged to be involved in a fantastic incentive which has been created to help support frontline workers. It is incredibly important that those working in the frontline have limited contact with their potentially contaminated clothing when changing regularly. For this reason, an incredible solution has been designed where the clothes are placed inside a pillowcase that has been specially adapted to tie up from the top, ready to go straight into a washing machine. The clothes are washed inside of the pillowcase, enabling limited contact with the clothes by the individual washing them. The initiative has been prompted by the “For The Love of Scrubs” project.

Additionally, we will also be supplying linen to the project which will be used for the creation of scrubs, surgical gowns and headbands. If you have any pillowcases which you would like to donate, please send them to us. We will give them to the seamstresses who are working incredibly hard on this project.

Supplying Care Homes

We also want to encourage any Care Homes who need help and support to get in touch with us. We are continuing to provide emergency and linen & laundry services, whilst making extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers and staff. Please get in touch today via 01234 854 888 or 0208 088 3141


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