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Best Way To Clean Your Sports Kit 

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At Queens Drive Laundry, we know how difficult it is to get sports kits immaculate without any professional help. So, regardless of your sport, we’ve put together our basic tips to help you get your kit clean and fresh, ready for your next game or activity.

Rinse Immediately

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Before you begin actually washing your clothing, remove any dry dirt, such as leaves or grass. Then rinse everything, this should reduce the chances of any stains settling in and will help remove as much dirt quickly. A great way to achieve this for anything particularly dirty, hang everything on a washing line and use a hosepipe to hose it all down.

Long Soak

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Depending on the type of stain, soak everything in warm water and detergent for approx. an hour. However, to remove blood stains, use cold water and detergent or even washing up liquid to gently rub away the stains. Grass stains can sometimes require a little more attention, so turn the clothing inside out and using your prefer stain removal detergent, rub the soiled area until the stain has sufficiently disappeared. 

Wash As Per Instruction washing machine temperature options

Wring out any water or detergent and then wash your kit as per the washing instructions as some items such as gloves may require a more delicate setting than everything else. 

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