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Greensleeves Care

Greensleeves care homes pride themselves on the homely nature and quality of the care and nursing it provides for all its residents and is a popular care home where regular provision of freshly laundered towels and bedding is a key aspect of the service and care.

We currently provide a laundry service to two of Greensleeves care homes, Sharnbrook House in Bedfordshire and Tickford Abbey Care Home in Milton Keynes. Both of these care homes receive a visit three times per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday where we supply freshly laundered bedding and towels.

Like most care homes Greensleeves Care Homes need their laundry to be in regular operation and to be of the highest of standard laundry service, so that’s why they chose Queens Drive Laundry.


Care Homes If you require fully covid compliant laundry services please click here to find out more.