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Care Home Regulations and Considerations

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Queens Drive Laundry has been providing an emergency laundry service to a wide variety of businesses for many years, and have now been nominated for the LCN awards under the “Best Independent Laundry” category.

In our latest blog post, we discuss some considerations for anyone thinking of setting up a new care home.

Legislation and care home regulations are ever-changing and if you are considering investing in such a field, it is not only important that you keep up with this legislation and have appropriate funding in place, but also make certain practical considerations.

Care Home Regulations: Application

To set up a care home, you must first make an application to the Local Authority, which demonstrates that you have staff members onboard that are suitable for the job and hold the relevant qualifications.

Further to this, you must be able to prove that all regulatory checks on each of your staff members have been undertaken; it is an offence to employ somebody to undertake a regulatory activity if you have reason to believe that the individual is barred.

Practical Considerations

In addition to any standard care home regulations, there are a variety of practical considerations to make when setting up a new care home.

As an investor, you will need to ensure that the conversion of your building into a care home complies with all building regulations and that suitable care home insurance has been put in place.

Furthermore, you will need to ensure that all health and safety regulations have been adhered to throughout the planning of the physical space, that suitable fire exits are in place and that the width of rooms and corridors allows for the manoeuvrability of equipment such as wheelchairs.

Other practical considerations to make will include the laundry facilities you have on site and any protocols in place in the event of an emergency or breakdown of the equipment.

Emergency laundry services are not only suitable for care homes that have a certain standard of hygiene and care to adhere to, but they are also useful for gyms, restaurants, hotels and much more. If you would like more information on the laundry services provided by Queens Drive Laundry, please contact us on 01234 854 888.


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