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Abide by Laundry Regulations with a Specialist Laundry Company

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In a care home setting, there are several guidelines you must follow in order to comply with care home laundry regulations and ensure the laundry you use is of the highest standard.

In the latest Queens Drive Laundry blog post, we look at the care home laundry regulation guidelines set out by the department of health and discuss how you can easily ensure you’re fully compliant.

There are several main points to follow when it comes to the processing requirements of linen in a care home setting. These include:

Keeping a logbook of any service or repairs carried out on the washing machines.
All laundry processes should be safe and serve to minimise the risk of infection.
Processed linen should be kept above floor level and away from away from the laundry area.
The laundry area should be designed to minimise the risk of recontamination.

However, an alternative option would be to outsource to a reputable laundry company.
So what are the advantages of working with a laundry company for your care home laundry requirements?

Save space

Have you ever considered just how much space an in-house laundry facility takes up? By outsourcing your requirements to a reputable laundry company you can transform such spaces into extra communal rooms for socialising, safe in the knowledge that your linen will return to you fully washed and ironed.

Saves Time

When you have in an in-house laundry operation, you must ensure full compliance with all care home laundry guidelines. Managing such an operation can not only be time-consuming but also mean that extra numbers of staff are required. What’s more, staff members that handle the laundry operation will need to be fully trained in all areas, meaning extra resources may need to be used by a company.

Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we have been providing an efficient laundry and linen hire services for many years, taking into account the schedules and requirements of our highly valued customers.

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