Find out more about our emergency laundry services that we offer for care homes & supporting the NHS.

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Care UK


Care UK provide modern, comfortable care homes, homecare, GP services and treatment centres for the NHS, as well as mental health and learning disability services. If you would like more information about Care UK, simply click on the following link for more information:

Services We Provide

Queens Drive Laundry provide “Emergency care home services” for Care UK and regularly go to the rescue of a care home that has a laundry break down or refurb.

How Does It Work?

As soon as we receive a phone call from which ever national care home it may be, we then dispatch the van to go pick up, usually same day, we then look to turning the laundry around (Usually clothes, bedding and towels) for the very next day and repeat this procedure until the in-house laundry is back up and running again.

We provide this emergency service for many companies up and down the country, anything from hotels to care homes. Any company  that has an onsite laundry that may have an issue and just needs cover until it is back up and running.

Emergency Care Home Services

This is a niche service that we provide at Queens Drive Laundry. We first found a need for this service around two years ago when we had a couple of care homes within the London Area that needed their laundry turning around very quickly, this was when the relationship was formed between Queens Drive Laundry and Care Uk.

This service has become very popular with care homes over the past couple of years with many of the care homes having our number on the wall for the staff to be able to call anytime they may need us.

We also offer a full service for care homes, where we supply and launder the bedding, towels and even the table linen, should you need it. This service has grown in recent years, due to the high costs of renting machines, buying chemicals and staffing costs. Here at queens drive we work out the best package for you, as what works for one company will not work for others.

Queens Drive Laundry also offer a full service where we bring the linen in to your premises and stock the shelves. This is a very handy service where we can monitor your stock levels, to make sure you never run short. We also re-stock and absorb the cost of damages in some contracts (this also could be a saving for the care home).

We Are Here To Help You

Catering for local customers within the Bedfordshire area, we also cater for nationwide customers and industries including restaurants, bars, hotels, gyms, leisure facilities, care homes and much more.


Care Homes If you require fully covid compliant laundry services please click here to find out more.