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Things to Consider When Starting a Coffee Shop

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If you are thinking of starting a coffee shop, you’ll have plenty of things to consider before finalising your plans. At Queens Drive Laundry, we have been providing linen hire and laundry services across Bedford, London, Milton KeynesNorthampton, and further afield for many years, and have put together a handy guide of a few things you’ll want to consider before delving into your new adventure.


They say it’s all about location and when it comes to starting a coffee shop, you’ll not only want to position yourself in an area with high footfall, you’ll also want to ensure that the area you locate yourself in will attract the demographic you are targeting.

If you find a premises you like, you may find it beneficial to conduct research into previous businesses that occupied the space, as well as the reasons they closed. Armed with this information, you will be able to ensure you make the space work for your requirements and steer clear of the traps the previous occupants fell into.


Starting a coffee shop does not come without investing in a great deal of equipment. From tables and chairs to often more expensive items such as specialist coffee machines, a commercial water heater and professional coffee grinders, able to facilitate the number of drinks you will make in a day.

You may find it helpful to set up meetings with coffee shop owners out of your direct competition area to find out what equipment they use, and the best places to purchase such items from. In addition to this, hiring a specialist business advisor to help you navigate the world of business finance and decipher the best forms of finance available to you may also be beneficial.

The Little Things

As well as all the large and costly purchases or considerations to be made, you’ll soon realise the importance of the smaller items when it comes to the daily running of a coffee shop. Think about it, if there’s a spillage on the floor, you’re going to need a mop and bucket handy to clean it up efficiently. If you run out of napkins or cutlery, you’re likely to have a lot of disgruntled (and possibly sticky) customers on your hands. Such items we may not always think of as an immediate priority, but they have a big impact on the overall experience you offer to your customers.
At Queens Drive Laundry, we have been offering coffee shops and cafes alike, a linen hire and laundry service, to take the burden out of endless trips to the cleaners. If you’re starting a new business and feel you could benefit from linen hire, or are well established and looking to make your daily tasks a lot easier, contact our team today.


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