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A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

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As Christmas approaches, many of us knock off work a little earlier to make the most of the well-earned break. Of course, sometimes things don’t always go to plan and you need a little extra help and kindness to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we are proud to work with the Advent Shelter, a charity that, for six years, has been providing food, warmth, safety and shelter for the homeless.

On Friday the 22nd of December, we performed our usual work of delivering linen to the shelter. Unfortunately, in this instance, a lot of the laundry was unfit for purpose and the charity had no way of finding extra items in such a short space of time. With years of experience, we always put our customers first, so when the shelter rang in a panic, we quickly sought out all ways to remedy the issue.

Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we are proud of the close working relationship we have with a variety of trusted suppliers, but with the Christmas break nearing ever closer, all of our usual contacts were at home ready to begin the festive break. However, good relationships spread far and wide and despite being already at home, Steve Sava of John Dron in Milton Keynes drove the two-hour drive back to his office to help Queens Drive Laundry formulate a plan and get the items needed by the shelter to them in time for Christmas.

Our quick-thinking allowed us to donate 100 brand new duvets, pillows, covers and pillowcases to the Advent Shelter, whilst our good friend at John Dron delivered them all directly into London the very next day.

As a professional linen and laundry hire service that serves a variety of locations, we never take for granted the relationships we have developed over the years, and believe that such foundations are one of the reasons we are able to offer unparalleled levels of high-quality customer service.

Whether you require an emergency laundry service, linen hire or a regular laundry service for your business, we can help. Call our friendly team, today on 01234 854 888 or fill out our online contact form.


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