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Wearing a well maintained suit

Keeping Your Suit in Good Condition

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If you wear a suit most days, keeping it looking fresh and in good condition may require some maintenance. In the latest blog post from Queens Drive Laundry, we take a look at top tips so you can keep your suits looking dapper for longer.

Get The Right Fit

Although we may buy some clothes to fit our aspirational weight, when it comes to a suit, ensuring that you invest in one that has been tailored to fit your measurements is the first rule of thumb. If you buy a suit that is too tight, this is likely to put unnecessary strain on the fabric and cause increased wear. A suit that is too big will never look as smart as one that is the perfect size can ruin the structure of the fit as it hangs.

Store Your Suit Right

Where you store your suit can have a big impact on how long it remains looking as good as new. Consequently, suit maintenance begins the moment you bring your new suit home.

Before placing your suit in the wardrobe, brush it down with an appropriate soft bristle clothes brush to remove any dust and dirt.

Men’s suits need room to breathe, so be sure that you have enough room in your wardrobe and avoid cramming your suit in between lots of other garments. Instead of leaving your suit to hang and gather dust, or worse, become moth-eaten, use a good quality storage bag.

Believe it or not, the type of hangers you use can actually make a difference. Wooden hangers with rounded edges work best as they help to keep the suit in shape and also absorb moisture.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning can work extremely well to remove odours and stains from your suit. However, avoid taking your suit to the dry cleaners too often as it could wear out the fibres. Dry cleaning your suit twice a year is typically enough, but you should always ensure that your suits are carefully dry cleaned before you retire them for the summer or winter season.

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