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The Key to Airbnb Interior Design

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The rise in popularity of Airbnb’s means that in order to ensure that your property has a fluid stream of guests wanting to stay, you must stand out from the crowd. Of course, each property will have its own unique selling points but the trick here is to ensure that the interior design of your Airbnb offers the home from home feeling your guests will be looking for, without compromising on practical elements such as storage. In the latest blog post from Queens Drive Laundry, we take a look at how you can ensure that your Airbnb interior design makes a good impression on your guests.

Laundry and Linen

Although some people will bring their own linen, including towels with them when they stay away, for many, having freshly laundered towels on hand is just one of the perks of staying away in a hotel or Airbnb. To give the right first impression, ensure that all bedding and linen is freshly laundered and of high quality. Staying away from home should be a luxury experience and whether you offer unique outdoor building accommodation or a full house, little things such as the bedding and towels offered shouldn’t remain unattended to.


It goes without saying that dirt in your accommodation will not go down well with your guests. Before renting out any type of accommodation, including single rooms, be sure to check floors, storage spaces, furniture, window sills and shelves for dust or dirt. If you prefer, you could outsource the cleaning to a reputable company in your area.


Whether travelling for business or pleasure, your guests will always need a space to hang their clothes. Remember, if you’re offering a relatively small space to potential guests, consider investing in storage compartments that hang cleverly over doors. You may even decide to add extra shelving into your existing wardrobe(s) or turn bookcases into shoe holders. The limit is your creativity when it comes to storage.

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