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Common Reasons Your Clothes Smell after Washing

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When you’ve just done a load of laundry, the last thing you want is for your clothes to smell after washing. There are a variety of reasons your laundry can begin to develop a stale, damp or mildew smell, and here at Queens Drive Laundry, we have put together a list of the most common reasons so you can avoid them.


Bacteria and mould are present in all regular and high-efficiency washing machines to a certain extent. There is a number of causes of mould odour in washing machines, however, various factors will affect the severity of the smell.

It may be surprising to realise that the overuse of detergents can be the reason that your clothes smell after washing. Unless your clothing is severely soiled, only around a tablespoon of detergent needs to be used.

Fabric Softener

There is nothing better than soft clothing that has come fresh from a wash. However, too much softener can leave a residue that becomes a great food source for bacteria to grow.

To keep your laundry fresh, but avoid overloading with fabric softener, considering using dryer sheets or balls.


Obstructions in your drain pumps can cause the odour to build up and your clothes to smell after washing, due to the reduced water flow. All front-loading washing machines will have a filter trap that is accessible and you may be surprised to find out what has found its way lodged in the pump.

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