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Restaurant table linen on a table

Reasons to Use Cloth Restaurant Table Linen

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The aesthetics of your restaurant can be severely affected by the restaurant table linen you choose. In the latest blog post by Queens Drive Laundry, we discuss the reasons to use cloth linen for your tables.

Visual Appeal

Restaurant table linen made of cloth helps to keep the appearance of your restaurant clean and tidy, not to mention protect your furniture. Cloth table linen is available in a wide variety of colours, helping to keep the theme of your restaurant consistent throughout your decor. A thick tablecloth feels a lot more luxurious and will ensure you give your guests a great first impression.


Restaurant table linen made of cloth can be washed a re-used time and time again, without damaging its material. Single-use tablecloths may be a cheaper investment initially, however, they are hugely wasteful and will end up costing more as you repurchase them again and again.

Noise Cancellation

One benefit of using cloth restaurant table linen is its noise cancelling properties. Cloth table linen softens sounds in a room and cancels out echoes, ensuring that your restaurant guests are able to hear each other, without having to raise their voice.


Table linen made of cloth will absorb any spills made on the table, making it a practical and hygienic investment.

Using a dedicated restaurant laundry service will mean that you don’t have to build a dedicated wash area in your business to keep on top of your laundry, and also serves to keep your energy costs down.

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