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Reasons to Use a Hotel Laundry Service

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Running a hotel is no easy feat, but to help lift some of the stress that comes with the daily laundry tasks, we offer a comprehensive hotel laundry service, as well as linen hire. Keeping your whites white, and your colours fresh is the main goal, and we have been trusted for many years to provide an outstanding service at a competitive price.

So, let’s discuss some of the main benefits of using a dedicated laundry service for your business:

A Good First Impression

The bed of a hotel room is typically the most prominent feature, so it is greatly important that it is dressed well. By using the efficient hotel laundry service offered by Queens Drive Laundry, you can ensure the bed linen you use has been thoroughly laundered and ironed to create the right first impression the moment your guests enter their bedroom.

A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the main things individuals will commonly review a hotel on will be the quality of sleep they achieved.

When you pull back the bedsheets, the last thing you want to find is hair, dirt, or permanent stains.

By investing in a professional hotel laundry service, you can ensure your bed linen is clean and comfortable. From 100% cotton towels to cotton rich pillowcases available in a variety of sizes, thread counts and GSM, your guests are sure to have the perfect night’s sleep.

Efficient Service

When you run a busy hotel, you have no time for inefficiency and time-wasting. At Queens Drive Laundry, we have flexible schedules that allow you to pick up your laundry at a time suitable for you. What’s more, we’ll happily launder your existing linen, or provide you with linen hire from our beautiful range.

For more information on the laundry services we provide, contact our dedicated team on 01234 854 888, or by using our contact form, and we’ll gladly get back to you as soon as possible.


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