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Laundry Management Options

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Whatever type of business you are running, you’re likely to have three main objectives to achieve when it comes to linen hire:

To provide a great experience for your customers.
To keep your costs under control.
To ensure a smooth and efficient process for your linen management.

These three objectives should be easy to meet, so in the latest blog post from Queens Drive Laundry, we discuss the various options of linen management.

Do it Yourself

With the “do it yourself” approach, everything from sourcing, laundering and replacing the linen is done in-house.

Whilst you may think you have time for this undertaking, it is worth noting that you must select linen that is robust enough to handle regular use and washing, as well as ensure you have a sufficient circulation of fresh linen at all times.

An in-house option will require you to have room in your establishment for a dedicated laundry space, complete with washing, drying and ironing equipment. If your establishment is located somewhere where space comes at a premium, this option may not be efficient, as any space taken up by your in-house laundry room will not be generating any revenue.

Outsourcing Your Laundry Requirements

Outsourcing your laundry requirements will mean that you don’t have to invest in expensive laundering equipment or take up any valuable space on your premises. However, you will still be required to purchase your own linen that is hard wearing enough to withstand the commercial laundering process, whilst maintaining enough stock in circulation at all times.

Linen Hire

Linen rental is the option that removes the hassle of managing your linen requirements in-house and outsources it to those with expertise in the field.

Furthermore, this option allows you to only pay for what you need and no more, ensuring you can keep your costs under full control. Outsourcing your requirements means you will have access to a wide variety of suitable linen options and your linen provider will arrange with you how many deliveries and collections you require.

Another benefit of linen rental is that when towels and linen start to show signs of wear they will be taken out of circulation, meaning you and your guests will always enjoy a high-quality experience.

Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we have been providing our linen hire service for many years, during which time we have built up a strong reputation across a variety of areas. If you would like more information on our services, please call today on 01234 854 888 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.


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