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Key Facts About Spontaneous Combustion

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Unfortunately, spontaneous combustion is an all too common event that can have damaging consequences. In the latest post from Queens Drive Laundry, we discuss key facts about spontaneous combustion with regards to tumble dryers to help spread the word of this issue.

A number of household fires occur each year due to spontaneous combustion. In the case of tumble dryers, it is often due to a fault where excess fluff catches in the heating element of the tumble dryer, the high temperatures of the dryer then cause the material to catch on fire. Other causes may be that the dryer isn’t being cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions and causes a build up in the dryer, but these are not the only causes.


Contamination occurs when traces of cleaning products, cooking oils, sweat, mixtures of plant oils and mineral oils are left on the laundry after the cleaning process. In some cases, the traces left behind on the clothing can increase the chance of oxidation and consequently a fire.

Steps To Take

The first step to take is to ensure that the appliance is well maintained and that the air exhausted is not restricted in any way.

Remove any lint build up from the filters and ensure they are cleaned regularly.

Allow the dryer to go through its cool down cycle before removing the laundry.

Wait until the laundry is cool before storing it away.

Queens Drive Laundry

The dedicated team at Queens Drive Laundry have provided emergency laundry services to a wide variety of customers in various sectors. Last week we were assisting customers after a fire that broke out at a plant in Watford. Our laundry follows strict checks with regards to fire prevention to help keep you safe.

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