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Key Facts About Chef Wear

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There are various traditions that follow the traditional chef wear uniform. Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we supply and launder chefs wear to help keep processes your kitchen processes running smoothly. In our latest post, we discuss key facts about chefs wear and the traditions surrounding it.

The White Jacket

To this day, the most common jacket colour that chefs wear is still white. It may seem counterintuitive for those working in the kitchen to wear white, however, white can be easily bleached and is an assurance to customers that the kitchen and staff members in the establishment are clean.

The heavy cotton fabric of the jacket is protective from the flames and heat of the kitchen and whilst the colour helps to reflect heat, rather than absorb it.

Cleverly, the double-breasted style of the jacket can be flipped over to disguise any major spillages in a hurry.

Chequered Trousers

Black and white chequered trousers are a staple of chefs up and down the country. The pattern helps to disguise any spillages, which is handy because trousers are much less easy to change that jackets.

These style of trousers are baggy, helping the chef to keep cool. Additionally, this style enables the chef to move around the kitchen easy and bend or stretch to reach ovens or other equipment. The wide fit of the trousers also helps to prevent burns.

Queens Drive Laundry

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