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Keeping Your Laundry Crease Free

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Ironing is a love or hate chore. Some finding it relaxing to methodically work through their piles of clothing, switching off as they do so, and some put off this household chore until absolutely necessary.

Whatever your stance, here at Queens Drive Laundry, we’ve put together some top tips to ensure that when the chore is done, your clothes stay wrinkle free.

Set Up

Where you set up your ironing board can make all the difference. We recommend setting your board up in the place that your clothes will be stored afterwards i.e for many people this will be upstairs.

Now you have your board set up, you’ll need to ensure that the ironing board cover fits perfectly. A loose fitting cover can make it much more difficult to iron your clothes and cause wrinkles as you smooth your iron over the top of them. To get a perfect fit, place your cover on the board when it is still damp from washing – this way it will dry and mould to the shape of your board.


Everyone has their own tactics when it comes to ironing, but what should always be considered is the temperature of the iron. It is a lot easier to raise the temperature of the iron than it is to lower it. Consequently, you will want to begin by ironing clothes that require a lower temperature first and gradually increase the temperature for fabrics that need it.

Queens Drive Laundry Ironing Service

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