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The Importance of Laundry Symbols

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Washing your laundry on the correct setting can make a great difference in the life span of your garments. Although it may be tempting to throw everything into one wash, ensuring you understand what the laundry care symbols mean and following these instructions is important. In the latest blog post from Queens Drive Laundry, we discuss washing symbols and their meanings to ensure your clothes come out of the wash fresh and in great condition.

Washing Temperature

Washing your clothes at the wrong temperature can cause your clothes to shrink. The temperature you should wash your garments at will typically be presented by a bucket filled with water in the label of your clothes. Where the bucket displays a number, it means your clothes are safe to be washed at that temperature. If the bucket is on its own with no other line underneath it, it is stating that the garment is machine washable. Where a bucket icon is displayed with one line underneath, this is stating that the clothes need to be put on a synthetics cycle. Should two lines be placed under the bucket symbol, a gentle or wool wash cycle is required.

Can I Bleach my White Clothes?

If you want to use bleach to bring back your vibrant whites, be sure to look at your laundry care label to see if the fabric is ok to be used with bleach.

Whether or not you can use bleach will be shown by a triangle. Where a triangle is shown with a cross through it, you must not use bleach at any stage. Should a triangle be shown with two diagonal lines through it, only non-chlorine bleach should be used. A triangle with no lines through it shows that bleach can be used safely on the garment.

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