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The Benefits of Roller Towels

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Everyone has their own opinion on what hand drying method is most effective and most hygienic. However, roller towels continue to be a staple choice for many workplaces.

Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we have been providing roller towels for businesses in a wide variety of industries for many years. For our latest post, we discuss the benefits of roller towels and why it could save you money to switch.

Some question the hygiene of roller towels as they believe that the same area of the towel is being cycled round and continuously reused. However, roller towels are in fact one of the most convenient and hygienic methods of hand drying.

A roller towel is contained in a unit which, as used, keeps the dirty and clean parts of the towel separate. This feature means that there is always a clean section of towel for the next person to use and avoids bins in the washroom becoming full of dirty tissues.

Being made from cotton, roller towels have superior drying power when compared with other methods, helping to limit the spread of bacteria. Additionally, roller towels are effective at removing soap, dirt and dead skin cells from the hands as they are dried, providing you with extra assurance that your hands are completely clean and dry.

Environmental Impact

Roller towels avoid the need to use multiple paper towels in a bid to dry your hands. Unlike hand dryers, they are noise free and do not use any electricity to operate. Consequently, roller towels are the green options for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

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