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The Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

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Egyptian cotton is often considered as the gold standard for bed linen due to its luxurious feel and longevity. Here at Queens Drive Laundry, we supply a wide variety of bed linens in various styles and colours to match your budget and requirements. In our latest post, we take a look at just a few of the many benefits of Egyptian cotton.


When washed and cared for in-line with the fabrics instructions, the tight weave of Egyptian cotton is durable and will last a long time, ensuring you can enjoy fresh and comfortable sheets for many years.

No Pilling

We’ve all seen those little pills of fabric that occur after too many washes of a low-quality fabric. Not only can they make the fabric feel rough, but they can also cause it to look worn and old, even if the bedding is fairly new.

With Egyptian cotton, you never have to worry about pilling as fibres from the Egyptian cotton plant are longer, making piling less likely to occur.


Egyptian cotton is a very breathable fabric, making sure you have a good nights sleep all year round. The cotton fabric allows air to flow through it, making it a great choice for those who suffer from night sweats, hot flushes or live in a warm country. Wicking sheets are another alternative for those that want to keep cool throughout the night.

Cost Effective

Whilst Egyptian cotton sheets aren’t the cheapest type of bed linen to invest in, their durability means that they last considerably longer than bedding made from other materials, withstanding washing, drying and ironing over time. Consequently, in the long run, it can make sense to invest in Egyptian cotton sheets, rather the re-buying cheaper bedding more often.

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